In The Wake Of #MeToo, Jeetendra Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault By His Cousin

Jeetendra is an icon whose legacy has lasted long past his active career. But recently, a new accusation has come to the surface that has shocked the industry.


The accusation of sexual abuse has been levied against the actor by a cousin of his who requested her name not be mentioned in the initial report made by India Today.

Considering the current climate that Hollywood has garnered with its #MeToo campaign, the woman found it easier to raise her voice and speak up about the abuse she endured at the age of 18. (H/t)

The incident allegedly took place 47 years ago. If the accusations are proven true, it will have serious implications for those whose behaviour was overlooked in the past.


The complainant claims that in January 1971, when she was 18, she was reportedly made to join Jeetendra at his shoot in Shimla. By the time Jeetendra reached her room, he was inebriated. In his state, he combined the beds in the room and assaulted his cousin.

The incident took place when the complainant was 18 and the actor 28. She also mentions the reason she waited for 47 years before coming forward with the information – She couldn’t bear to hurt her parents with the news.

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