Featuring Themed Rooms And Erotic Amenities, Japan’s Love Hotels Are Made For Pleasure

In a world that’s increasingly fast-paced and social media obsessed and technology-driven, Japan’s love hotels are defying the trends.
They’re designed to transport you to another world, and they’re open for business.

Offering complete privacy for uninhibited sexual exploration, they cater to millions of couples every year, including tourists.


A fixture of Japanese society since the late 1960s, these modern rabuho can trace their beginnings back to the Shōwa era (1926–89) when people began frequenting Enshuku establishments.

These lodgings allowed couples to rent a room for a few hours at the price of one yen rather than paying more for a whole night.
Another great attraction of these establishments was that they included private bathing facilities, a luxury at the time.

They soon became widely known as tsurekomi (“take into”) inns — and if a bar was where you “pick up” a female companion, the tsurekomi inn was were you took her when the night ended.


Discretion is a love hotel’s most important commodity.

To ensure anonymity, patrons can make cash-only transactions behind opaque screens.

Some hotels have secret entrances, hidden garages, and disposable license plate covers.
Others have sophisticated automated systems that allows a customer to browse, select and use a room without interacting with any human other than the one they’re with. 


Japan’s deeply conformist culture and tight living spaces have been major contributors to the success of this industry.

In a crazy city, love hotels offer both an escape and a safe haven where fantasies can be realized.

Aside from businessmen looking for places to meet their mistresses, their regular clientele also includes youngsters looking for venues to host bachelorettes and karaoke parties, or somewhere to crash after a night of partying.

And given that privacy and intimacy is scarce in most thin-walled Japanese homes, love hotels are also a practical alternative for dating and married couples these days.

Some people even just book out a room to be alone.


And why not?

They’re sometimes even larger than a conventional hotel room, and cost a lot lesser too.

Besides an enormous double-bed and array of “adult goods,” they come equipped with an array of amenities, including massage chairs, Jacuzzis, video game consoles, and karaoke equipment.

Some are almost indistinguishable from standard hotel rooms save for their erotic amenities, and are often unwittingly booked by tourists.

Other, fancier ones have themes that range right from Disneyland to BDSM dungeons. Just like sexual preferences, there are love hotels to fit all types of moods.


So if you ever find yourself in Japan, do yourself a solid and check into a love hotel.
You might discover you quite like falling down the rabbit hole and into an enchanted erotic wonderland.


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