Japan Hosts A Penis Festival Every Year. Let’s Take A Look At Why…

Japan is not a country for the faint of heart. From their discipline to their perverseness to their hilarious mascots, Japan is populated by people absolutely dedicated to their cause.

Behind all the wackiness the country comes up with, there’s a powerful reason, steeped deep in Japanese culture – or Japanese weirdness.

But of all the things they do, one stands out as the absolute “WTF is this all about?”.

The famous festival of Kanamara Matsuri – the Japanese festival of Dongs.



You buddy in your chuddy.

The festival – “Kanamara Matsuri” – literally translates to “Festival Of The Steel Phallus” and takes place every year in Kawasaki, Japan.

The events take place at the Kanayama Shrine which was said to be a popular place of worship for prostitutes who would pray for protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

Legends also say the shrine grants fortune to those undertaking business ventures, and couples visit to pray for fertility and a marital stability.

But exactly why the festival focuses so much on male genitalia is a pretty interesting tale.


So gear up for some Vagina Birds, it’s going to be a weird couple of minutes.

Legend has it that a bird demon fell in love with a woman, but instead of trying to do the normal thing and ask her out, he decided to head off to her vagina and just chill there. The demon also possessed very sharp teeth, so when the woman got married, he bit off the incoming penis of her husband.

And he did this twice.

So naturally, the young lady was a little troubled. She decided to visit a blacksmith to get some help. Now the blacksmith probably could have made some kind of device to extract the demon, but instead, he made a penis out of steel that apparently crushed the demon’s teeth so he left to look at other viable real estate options.

And the woman probably got a sweet dildo as a reward for her troubles.


Now as we have established, Japan doesn’t particularly like to half-ass anything, which is why they celebrate this festival with penis shaped candy, art instalments, carved vegetables and just about everything else they can slap a dick on.


But a big part of the festival happens to be the mikoshi. Large penis shaped shrines that are portable and carried throughout the city.


The festival in its earliest years attracted only a handful of visitors, but received a huge boost in popularity when it was covered by a TV personality Matsuko Deluxe, known for his progressive views on sexuality.

And with more coverage on traditional and social media, the festival has become an attraction not just for nationals, but foreigners as well.


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