ISRO Creates History By Successfully Sending 100th Satellite In Space

Space agency ISRO this morning successfully sent up a rocket carrying India’s 100th satellite along with 30 others, four months after failed launch.


India had joined an exclusive space club when it successfully launched the Mars Orbiter Mission on a stringent budget that was at least 10 times lower than a similar project by the US. The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifted off today from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The PSLV carried 31 satellites in total from countries including India and six other countries.

The 44.4-metre tall Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C40) roared into a clear sky after a perfect lift-off at 9.29 a.m. after a 28-hour countdown.

Thirty of the satellites were launched in an orbit 550 km about, and one 359-km above the Earth. Scientists said the mission was a unique one since the satellites were launched in two orbits.

This was done through what scientists call the “multiple burn technology” under which the rocket’s engine is switched off and then switched on to control its height. The PSLV C40 will have the longest flight time of 2 hours and 21 minutes.

AS Kiran, Isro’s chairman AS Kiran said: “During the last PSLV launch we had problems, today what has happened proves that the problem was properly addressed and rectified. Happy to give this new year gift to the country”

The ‘Cartosat-2 Series’ satellite launch is a follow-on mission with the primary objective of providing high-resolution scene-specific spot imageries. The rocket of ISRO weighs nearly 320 tonnes and stands as tall as a fifteen-storey building.

We are so proud of this achievement!
Feature image source: PTI.

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