Rejoice ICSE And ISC Students, Your Minimum Passing Percentage Has Been Lowered

The dark black clouds have taken over as board examinations dates have been announced!


It’s time for you all to stop being on social media and bury your head in your books but well, now that you are here, we might as well give you a good news. 


Well, if you belong to the category of ‘Oh no, I scored only 98%’ then this might not matter a lot to you but if you’re the ‘Bhagwaan, pass kara de’ category, then this is bound to make your day.


The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is implementing a lot of changes in the current education system and reduced passing percentage is one of them. Students of class 10th need to score 33% instead of 35% to pass and class 12th students now need to score a minimum of 35% instead of 40%.


This new change has been confirmed and will be brought into action this year instead of 2019. The other important change that the Council implemented involves practical exams. Now, these exams will be evaluated on the day of the exam and at the school, instead of at centralized evaluation centres.


The exams for ISC and ICSE begin on February 7th and February 26th respectively and also from now on marks for extra-curricular activities will be mentioned separately on mark sheets.

We wish the students a very good luck with their exams! Here’s to Pappu passing with ease! 

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