Irom Sharmila, The ‘Iron Lady’ From Manipur Has Found Love And Peace In Kodaikanal

Irom Chanu Sharmila does not require a formal introduction. Fondly called as ‘Iron Lady’, she dedicated all her life fighting for peace and justice in North East. The political and civil rights activist hails from Manipur and is also a poet.


Her fight for peace began when she decided to go on a hunger strike in November 2000 and ended it after 16 long years on 9th August 2016. She was arrested several times during the fast and it also took a severe toll on her health. She is known as the ‘world’s longest hunger striker’ as she managed to stay without food for more than 500 weeks. 


Our faith in humanity and peace was lost when Sharmila contested in the elections and received only 90 votes, the lowest amongst all the five candidates from Manipur.

However, life seems to be taking a new turn for Sharmila and now she is all set to settle down with the man she loves. Sharmila stated that her search for peace has ended in Kodaikanal as she filed an application at the registrar’s office for her marriage with British partner Desmond Coutinho.


She says she wants to lead a normal life again is eager to settle down in her life. She finds Kodaikanal very peaceful and the liberty that this place offers to women is a major factor for her to pick this place to start a new life. She also mentioned that in future if she has to rise for a fight for rights, she will take her stand. About her plans post marriage, Sharmila is looking forward to participating in the ‘International Youth Conference’ that’ll be held in Odisha during the month of September.

We’re happy that you found peace in life, Irom!

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