Before You Pay For A New iPhone X, Here’s 10 Countries Where It Costs Less Than In India

If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone!


For who don’t know, the sale of the iPhone 8 and 8 plus has begun. Prepare your wallets!

Accounting for the loyalty of Apple users we’re pretty sure that there will be a shortage in supply. iPhone 8 costs around Rs. 86,000 in India. iPhone X is said to be sold at  Rs. 89,000 – Rs. 1.02 Lakh. Yeah, well it turns out buying it here is more expensive than planning a trip abroad only to buy the phone. 

Here’s how much the iPhone X costs in 10 countries:

#1 Hong Kong


The iPhone costs HK$8,588– HK$9,888 that is Rs. 70,500 – Rs. 81,100. That’s some difference, isn’t it?

#2 USA


In the big apple, the phone costs US$999 – US$1,149 which is around Rs. 64,000 – Rs. 73,700. Chale America?

#3 United Kingdom


The phone is cheaper and available for  £999-£1,149 ( Rs.84,600 – Rs. 97,300). That’s quite an excuse to explore the beauty called Europe.

#4 Australia


Priced at AU$1,579-AU$1,829 i.e Rs. 81,000– Rs. 93,800. The country down under is worth a visit.

#5 Ireland


The place is all Game of Thrones and also the cost is $1,410 that is around Rs. 92,371.19. Isn’t it enough of a reason?

#6 New Zealand


The phone is priced at NZ$1,799 NZ$2,099 ( Rs. 83,500 – Rs. 97,400).

#7 China


Although it is not China ka maal,  CN¥8,388-CN¥ 9,688 (Rs82,100 –Rs95,000).

#8 U.A.E


Dubai has everything, iPhone X costs  AED4,099- AED4,729 ( Rs. 71,600– Rs. 82,600).

#9 Russia


The phone in Russia is around $1,387 which is around Rs.90864. Chalo bhai Russia ghoom ke aate hai!

#10 Singapore


Just so you know, Singapore is the most expensive country in the world.  The phone is priced at $1,224 that is around Rs. 80186 in Indian rupees.

Till where can you go for a phone?

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