Have You Seen The Interviews Of Dhoni, Kohli, Sachin, Dravid, And Ganguly Before They Got Famous?

Some of our favourite stars in International cricket had to work really hard to make it big in the sport. They’ve faced countless deliveries and delivered countless yorkers to carve their way into the hearts of cricket fans all over the world.

We’ve always been curious how they viewed life before tasting success and gotten famous. Thankfully, we’ve come across this video where they are talking about the sport and their personal lives.

Dhoni’s favourite Wicket-Keeper was Adam Gilchrist while Kohli’s biggest strength, according to him, was his anger.

While the captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, seems like an arrogant Delhi brat; there is not much you can say to people who back it up with ability and performances.

Dravid was humble then… Dravid is humble now. Just an awesome guy!

Here is the compilation of their interviews:

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