“Have You Faced Sexual Harassment” Sharon Stone’s Reply Will Open A Lot Of Eyes In Hollywood

Sharon Stone might be known to the Indian audience as that actress from Basic Instinct but there is so much more to her. She has been in the industry for 40 years and has given some powerful performances.


Being one of the A-listers in Hollywood comes with a price. Even though they get opportunities, that does not exclude them from being treated disrespectfully. Hollywood like other movie industries is notorious for sexual harassment, more so than other professions. This was proven by the Weinstein scandals and lot of men and women coming out and disclosing their gut-wrenching stories.

The  #MeToo trend has finally made it okay for people to have this conversation. So much so that promotional interviews are rife with people talking about their stories with sexual assault and harassment.


In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Sharon Stone was asked by the interviewer, if she has faced sexual harassment in the industry in not so many words.

“Were you ever in a position like that? That you felt that you were uncomfortable?”

Her response, however, was priceless.


Her reply is both candid and heartbreaking and the courage her laughter displays is unparalleled. While Hollywood might be the only place on the planet where injustices against women are being spoken about, we hope Bollywood follows the trend soon and the powerful perpetrators are brought to justice.

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