6 Times International Music Artists Tried To Be Desi And Failed Miserably

The Indian entertainment industry has long looked to the west for inspiration, and so it comes as no surprise that recently, the west has begun to look to the east.

In matters of music, especially, many international artists have successfully managed to blend Indian influences into their own genres to create songs that are really quite something.

Others, however, took inspiration too far, creating these miserable fails that can only be considered as cultural appropriation.

1. Madonna, Frozen

2. Timbaland Ft. Magoo, Indian Flute

3. Iggy Azalea, Bounce

4. Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MO, Lean On

5. Coldplay,  Hymn For The Weekend

6. Pussycat Dolls & A.R.Rahman, Jai Ho

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