10 Of The Most Interesting Condom Confessions You’ll Come Across

The internet is one place where people can take off their masks and freely share their secrets, deep and dark as they may be.

Well, one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure, going by these somewhat bizarre, but mostly entertaining condom confessions.


“I’m a librarian. When a hot guy comes in I slip a condom in the book they’re checking out and tell them to go to that page. I’ve hooked up with 8 guys so far!”


“My Ex was coming over so to make him feel bad I took a condom out of its wrapper, filled it with lotion and threw it into the washroom bin for him to notice.”


“When a guy starts talking about having sex without a condom, I pretend to get excited and then talk about having kids with them. It freaks them out.”


“My dad posted a picture with the caption, ‘Condom Challenge Fail’.
It was a picture of me.”


“I still have the condom wrapper from when I lost my virginity.”


“When I learned that my wife was cheating on me, I dabbed a bit of hot sauce on my condom.”


“You have never known disgust until you’ve stepped, barefoot, on your brother’s used condom.”


“My dog once came through the living room carrying a used condom. In front of the whole family.”


“After sex, my boyfriend looked at the used condom and said straight-faced, “My children…””


“I’m a nurse and I hooked up with a stranger last night. The condom broke and I didn’t think much of it until this morning when I checked him in for an STI.”

Crazy, right?

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