True Stories Shared By This Instagram Account Will Make You Want Believe In Love, Once Again

We’ve grown jaded. The concept of following your dream against all odds seems too idealistic. In our search of practicality and logic, we have stopped believing in steadfast love. Or any kind of love that isn’t convenient.

Today, we lack patience and are looking for an easy way out. And this is also true in matters of heart. We all want easy love that fits in neat little boxes without all the mess. When in reality, good love takes time and sometimes higher risks than just your heart. But are we really ready for it?

While in real life, love faces different challenges than in rom-com films – the essence is, however, the same – you find someone, you show them you are ready to put in the effort and choose that one person every time.

In the day of instant hookups and casual flings where we have given up on the idea of long-lasting love, an Instagram account is trying to beat the cynics down.

Thewaywemet shares beautiful love stories on the account. It celebrates couples finding love and showcases their journey.

1.Tim & Shail


We met while we were both living in New York City and he had just moved into my friend’s apartment.

We fell in love almost instantly despite being from different worlds. On our first date, we talked until 5 a.m. Love is truly not bound by culture, religion, gender or race; it’s just love, pure and simple.”

2.Ramiro & Alexandra


“We were 15 years old and living in Canada when Ramiro told me he was moving to Argentina. His mom passed away when he was younger and his family decided it was best for them to move back home to Argentina. I was devastated to think I would never see him again, but being so young, there was nothing I could do.

Then in 2008, I heard that Ramiro was moving back to Canada for good. Even after all that time, I still had butterflies when I talked to him. It was obvious I still had love for the boy next door who stole my heart all those years ago.”

3.Anuj & Sumita


In 2013, I wanted to attend a local event at the zoo, but tickets were sold out so I decided to search Twitter. When I came across Anuj’s tweet stating he had an extra ticket to the event, I didn’t think much of it. I reached out to him asking if I could have it, but then his profile caught my attention. Before we knew it, we were exchanging almost 75 emails on the first day of chatting! We were engaged two years later on December 19th, 2015.”

4.Oscar & Brandy


“I’m Brandy and that’s my husband, Oscar and our son, Talan. I met Oscar when I was 16 and I knew there was something special about him.

He always did everything possible to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted in life. His love and dedication was like no other. The 3 of us were the best of friends and my heart was so full. Soon after our son was born, Oscar became ill. On December 23rd, 2016 he lost the battle he had fought so hard to win. I am learning to accept my new world and adjust to my new normal one day at a time. It keeps me going to think that Oscar is watching over us and with us always.”

5.Ryan & Joya


I met Joya in Middle School. I had the biggest crush on her from that minute forward. I would always tell myself there would be plenty more chances in the future. Then during the first week of senior year, my world was turned upside down in a way I could have never imagined when I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

I felt every minute slipping through my fingers. On the day I was admitted to the hospital, Joya was by my side and has been ever since.

The silver lining of my diagnosis was the shift in my perspective.  I guess the moral of this particular “the way we met” story is to take every opportunity you have in life to go after what/who you love. You never know how many more chances you’ll have left.”

6.Rishi & Daniel


Rishi Agarwal’s father Vijay and mother Sushma generously funded his extravagant Indian wedding in Oakville, Canada. The celebration included all the rituals and decadent details of a conventional Hindu wedding, except for one, major detail: Rishi married a man, and homosexuality is not only frowned upon within traditional Indian culture but actually remains illegal and punishable in India.

Rishi came out in 2004, it was a bit of a shock for his parents, both who emigrated from India in the ’70s and have always maintained a strict Hindu household.

When a nervous Rishi asked his parents if they expected him to move out, his father told him, “Absolutely not. You’re still our son and we love you.” Most importantly, they never considered treating Rishi differently than their other children—they wanted to see him get married and grow old with someone he loved.

We had already decided there will be no difference between our elder son’s wedding and my younger son’s wedding,” Vijay said. “We did all the Hindu ceremonies—mehndi, sangeet, wedding, the whole shebang.”

So if you are thinking of giving up on the idea of love, just don’t yet. 

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