#InstaTrend: This Makeup Artist Is Hell Bent On Blinging Her Waterline And It Looks Painful AF!

Trends come and go and some of them turn out to be utterly shocking. We have seen trends where people color their hair in all shades of the rainbow or create art on their eyelids. But there is one Instagram trend that looks really uncomfortable.

This trend includes decorating the waterline of your eyes. Many of us cannot apply kajal and liner on our waterlines without freaking out. This fad takes it to another extreme. The trend was started by Sofie Peterson who is from Denmark.

She posted a photo on her Instagram which shows her placing a dainty chain along her waterline. It looks highly comfortable if you ask me. Sofie is an aspiring makeup artist who loves getting creative with her supplies.

bling waterlining

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Encouraged by the success of her new idea, she started experimenting with other accessories that she could try on her eyes.

eye frame pt. 2

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She has received some rave reviews for her creative experiments. Some users wondered if she was okay and some actually applauding her for being gutsy enough to pull this off.

hanging on

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We’ll leave it to you to decide whether this trend makes sense to you. But… DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

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