8 Inspiring Coming-Of-Age Hollywood Movies That Deserve A Sincere Indian Remake

There are movies you watch once and forget and then there are those you’ll always remember because they leave you with lessons for life.

The inspiring Hollywood movies on this list are the latter sort, especially since they deal with problems that young adults like us face and can relate to.

I can’t help but wish I had the chance to watch these in a more familiar setting. I do think these films deserve a Bollywood remake!

1. The Breakfast Club  (1985) 

At 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday, five students belonging to different cliques at Shermer High School come in for an all-day detention.

At first, they seem to have nothing in common, but over the course of the day, the students gradually open up to each other and begin to form friendships.

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

The movie, adapted from a book of the same name tells the story of Charlie, an introvert suffering from clinical depression with a history of trauma who’s recently been discharged from a mental health care institution.

Uneasy about beginning his freshman year of high school, he has difficulty in making friends until he meets two seniors who give him a glimpse of the real world.

3. Boyhood (2014)

Filmed over a period of 12 years, Boyhood charts the rocky terrain of childhood as seen through the eyes of a boy named Mason, who literally grows up on screen.


4. Post Grad (2009)

A young and naive Ryden Malby graduates from college during the late-2000s recession only to have her dreams of working at a big publishing company shattered by reality.

Forced to move back in with her parents while she figures out what she wants to do next, she almost messes up her personal life too.

5. Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

Teaching “History of Art” at a conservative women’s college, 330-year-old Katherine attempts to introduce her class to Modern Art and encourages discussions outside the syllabus.

As she gets to know her students, she tries to encourage them to pursue their individuality and do more with their lives than just marry eligible young men.


6. Dead Poets Society (1989)

On the first day of their senior year at the elite Welton Academy, a group of boys find themselves surprised by the unorthodox teaching methods of their new teacher, John Keating.

Learning that Keating was a member of the unsanctioned Dead Poets Society while he was at school, they restart the club and begin to read and compose poetry and verse. As the school year progresses, they learn to live their lives on their own terms.

7. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

Four teenage best friends who are about to separate for the summer for the first time in their lives find a seemingly ordinary pair of jeans that fit them all perfectly despite their very different measurements.

The girls dub them the ‘Traveling Pants’ and decide to share them over the course of the summer. The film focuses on each girl’s journey of self-discovery.

8. The Spectacular Now (2013)

Sutter Keely, a hard-partying high school senior wakes up on the front lawn of Aimee Finicky, a so-called nice girl in his year and learns she is smart, funny and into sci-fi and comics.

He sits with her at lunch and asks her to tutor him in geometry, but she ends up teaching him a whole lot more about life instead.

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