Twitter User Wins The Internet For Trolling Indigo Airlines With A Special Request

Remember when flying was a fun and convenient mode of travel? Neither do we.



But even though you are unnaturally high up in the air surrounded by complete strangers who could lead ot the plane plummeting to the ground and killing you. And the real tragedy wouldn’t even be your death but the last thing you te before it. But Air IndiGo doesn’t want to wait for pesky inconveniences to kill their passenger’s spirits.

They’ll do it themselves...with their fists.

The video took the internet by storm for good reason. We’ve spent our lives looking at street fights waiting desperately for one party to actually lay a hand on the other. So when it finally happens, it’s fascinating in the worst way possible.

But nobody is willing to take this lying down. Whether it’s people objecting to the crude language used by the passenger or people criticising the airline staff for KO-ing a senior. And definitely not Twitter, who will stand up for justice in the best way possible – insensitive jokes.

But the man who won the exchange hands down has got to be the brilliant Rohit Choube who has taken full advantage of the airline’s premium customer care.

After a couple of requests, the airline replied to the man’s polite request for assistance –

Followed promptly by the winning tweet for 2017 –

Bravo sir! Bravo. The best of luck to you.

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