This Video Of IndiGo Employees Manhandling A 53-Year-Old Passenger Will Make Your Blood Boil

This disgusting video highlights everything that is wrong with the business first, customer later culture.

Source: YouTube

A few months back, a viral video showed us the horror story that a flight journey could turn into. United airlines and its employees were brought to its knees because of a massive consumer movement.

Something similar has now happened in India. And this time, it’s IndiGo.

During the later part of 7th November, Twitter was buzzing because of a viral video. The video showed two IndiGo airlines employees roughing up an old man who seemed to be looking to board his flight. This horrifying video has put a lot of pressure on the airline company as a lot of Twittizens were calling for a boycott of IndiGo.

Here’s the original video of the assault:

IndiGo claimed to have acted promptly over this:

But just like a classic case of institutional incompetence, people were quick to point out that the aviation company had fired the guy who was shooting the video was the guy who was fired and no action was taken against the two involved in the physical assault.

Some individuals were quick to point out their observations about the video.

IndiGo has claimed that they’ve completed their investigation and taken the required corrective action.

Keep an eye on this article. We’ll update this as new developments happen.

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