Instead Of Medicines, Indian Woman Gets Groped, Abused And Molested At Local Chemist

For Ruth Pal Chaudhuri a visit to the chemist became a nightmare. She went for medicines, instead got molested and assaulted.

Safety for women in India has always been a contested topic. The violence has always been there. While the moral police deflect the severity of the issue by placing the blame on the victim and questioning their character, they never provide a solid answer, do they?

This time yet another unsuspecting woman fell prey to an assault in the least likely of places. The shocking reality is that not one individual from the public came forward in her defense. Despite being surrounded by people, the woman was left alone to fight her battles.


Ruth Pal Chaudhuri was visiting her local medical store. Her pet dog was ailing and she needed medication – Valium 10. As she left the store, she heard the storekeeper call her a drug-addicted whore and other derogatory terms.

When she confronted the storekeeper, he got aggressive and groped her.

When she fled the scene hoping the locals would back her up, she was mistaken. They joined in with more abusive words and groped her inappropriately and assaulted her.

Her narration of the experience will leave you angry and disturbed.

We got in touch with the author of this post and she clarified the incident took place at the Sarkar Bazar Blue Prints store in Kolkata at around 11 pm.

Is this the reality that we need to constantly face and grow resilient towards? Are women not allowed to leave their homes, even in case of an emergency?

What is more disturbing is that local police wanted Ruth to mutually settle the case, most likely to keep the count of reported cases low. It is already a fact that most cases of sexual assault go unreported, thanks to the common norm of police harassment and the bureaucracy politics. To the people who are brave enough to approach the authorities to demand their rights, they are slapped with ‘settling it mutually’.


Such slacking and incompetency further makes any place in the country unsafe for women. It is not the case of Delhi or Kolkata or Mumbai. It is the case of lack of human decency and it is prevalent everywhere. Not punishing the culprits with the strong arm of justice is as good as encouraging sexual assault and other criminal behaviours.

How many more candle marches and horrific cases does the system need to open their eyes?!

Now would be the right time to chant, Mera Bharat Mahan, no?

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