This Family Misses Its Train But What The TTE Does Will Make You Proud

Our country might be obsessed with a Sarkari Naukri, but when it comes to government officials we don’t expect the work done in less than a couple of days! That’s the impression our government officials have on us and we can’t blame anyone but the corrupt system that always tops the procrastination tutorials!

However, it is never too late to flip the coin and look at the bright side of things. Something on the same note happened when a family, seemingly from an interior village, boarded a train to Coimbatore. They were going for a pilgrimage to Velankanni and had to catch a train from Coimbatore at 1 am.

When the TTE enquired about their tickets, it was found that the family had booked the tickets for that day’s morning 1 a.m and had actually missed their train. A mistake that can be very easily done and cause the whole trip vanish into the drain.

Looking at their sullen faces, the TTE said, “I shall try to help you book tickets online”, and booked their tickets online at the very moment from his mobile.

Here’s the TTE booking their tickets online, captured by one of the passengers. Well, this is a perfect example of how if our government walks hand in hand with technology and their duty towards the public, India is sure to walk the path of progress in no time.

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