12 Vintage Indian Print Ads Featuring Bollywood Celebrities That Were Totally Shady!

Advertising is a subtle art of selling things that we don’t need in the first place. One such format of advertising that was hugely popular was print ads – mostly because there wasn’t much of television or social media advertising. They were hugely popular in the early 80s and 90s and featured many leading Bollywood superstars of the time.

Since these advertisements were ancient, they, of course, didn’t have the finesse of today’s ads. We bet the ad agencies that created these ‘masterpieces’ are cringing looking at this.

The following print ads were so horrible, it will make you go WTF!

1.The day Dilip Kumar sold pickles.

vintage indian ads

2.Although the ad was blah, their prediction of Amitabh’s stardom was true. However, don’t you think it looks a lot like the ‘Wanted’ poster in a police station?


3.Jackie Shroff was pretty fierce back then! (no sarcastic comment here!)


4.Sachin Tendulkar looks pretty happy with his new Sunny. And when you’re happy and you know it, you…tilt.


5.Before Thumbs Up, Salman Khan was a pro at promoting Hero Honda. Though he doesn’t seem too happy about it! Too many retakes?


6.This old Brylcreem Ad featuring Kishore Kumar was iconic. A smooth singer with an even smoother hairstyle!


7. Awkward is the best word to describe this one featuring Rajesh Khanna. This ad could be the source of this meme. item1091701_600px

8. Gabbar was once a big fan of Glucon D. No wonder he was always screaming to the best of his lung capacity!


9.When Aamir Khan shared his secret with the world. It’s awkward posing!


10. This ad featuring Prem Chopra today is ironic.


11. There are more than one things missing in this ad. Second is aesthetics.

old indian ads

12. *shudders* Saif Ali Khan just can’t catch a break with his endorsements!


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