8 Times The Indian Parliament Gave Stiff Competition To The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

Following politics can be a bit taxing. A good place to start what actually happens in parliament is to watch the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha sessions. These sessions end up creating controversies when opposing parties go at each other like children in a tussle. But there’s no denying they are a gold mine for humour.

We often associate politicians having drab personalities, the reality is, some of them are pretty damn hilarious!

Here are some funniest moments from Indian parliament sessions that we found online.

#1. Ramdas Athawale is a man of many words. His unique take on any given topic is only made entertaining by his attempt at shayari.


#2. Lalu Prasad is not unfamiliar with comedy. This video of him trying to translate his Hindi speech into English will make you low-key proud of him. He does do a pretty decent job at it!


#3.Hukmdev Narayan Yadav’s analogy on the demonetization plan gone awry is funny. The situation, however, is not.


#4. Yogi Adityanath is making some controversial statements that are not entirely logical. Finally, someone sets him straight. The lack of logic in parliament is sometimes hilarious.


#5. Modi left no stone unturned making fun of Rahul Gandhi at this Lok Sabha session. The disguised jibe is pure wit!


#6.Venkaiah Naidu’s retort to Mallikarjun Kharge is the best comedy ever.


#7. Mallikarjun Kharge creates a political love saga with this speech and it is funny and unforgettable in equal parts.


#8.  Jaya Bachchan talks about how India should encourage film tourism to Chiranjeevi at a parliament session. While the topic is not funny, it is hilarious watching Jaya Bachchan unable to keep a straight face talking to him. Starstruck much!


Like I said, Indian parliament is a comedy goldmine! However, the material is really volatile. It might be possible that stand-up comedians are looking for inspirations in all the wrong places.

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