If You Never Get Scared, We Dare You To Visit These 8 Indian Ghost Towns

Empty beds, broken walls, remnants of cooking fires and the sheer stillness of desolation. Ghost towns may be spooky, but they’re also undeniably temptingly mysterious places. And the tales of their abandonment? They only add to our interest. 

Here are India’s most intriguing 8!

1. Kuldhara

The village of Kuldhara has left a cursed ghost town after it was abandoned overnight in an attempt to protect the chieftain’s daughter. A state minister called Salim Singh had fallen in love with her and threatened to levy huge taxes if she was not betrothed to him. Rather than bow down to any threats, the Paliwal Brahmins collectively chose to leave their homes in the name of honour, but not before allegedly leaving behind a curse that makes this place uninhabitable.

2. Dhanushkodi

Dhanushkodi (meaning the ‘end of the bow’) is so called because legend states that this is the end of the bridge which Lord Rama broke using his bow and arrow. Once a thriving town, Dhanushkodi was a victim of a cyclone in 1964 that destroyed the entire town and washed over the whole passenger train killing all 115 on board.

3. Fatehpur Sikri

This magnificent fortified city was the short-lived capital of the Mughal empire between 1572 and 1585, during the reign of Emperor Akbar. He decided to make it the seat of his power after Sufi saint Shaikh Salim Chishti’s prophecy of the birth of an heir came true. The city was an Indo-Islamic masterpiece but erected in an area that supposedly suffered from draught and so was abandoned shortly after Akbar’s death.

4. Lakhpat

Lakhpat was once a thriving port along the Indus River. When an earthquake caused the river to change direction, its fortunes fell, and it was eventually abandoned to the sands of time. Today, Lakhpat is a city of ruined buildings and a magnificent fort.

5. Mandu

Mandu is a ruined city on a hillock that boasts palaces, temples and mosques. It also has the most intriguing of tales to tell, like the story of lovers Rani Roopmati and Sultan Baz Bahadur.
Witnessing the sunset over the scattered ruins is an experience like no other.

6. Ross Island

Once frequented by the British, Ross Island was left deserted in the 1940s because of an earthquake. It hasn’t been occupied since. Its only residents now are stray deer, peacocks and other animals that wander about the abandoned British quarters on the beautiful island.

7. Vijayanagara

The erstwhile capital of the Vijayanagar Kingdom was once the second-largest city in the world. It was left abandoned after it was captured and destroyed by Muslim invaders and was only rediscovered in the 1800s. It’s glorious ruins though, are still a feast for the eyes.

8. Bhangarh

Bhangarh is reported to be one of the ‘most haunted places in India’, with multiple sightings of unusual lights and strange sounds reported. As the story goes, a tantric fell in love with a Princess and ended up dying a painful death in his pursuit of her, but not before cursing the place.

Dare to find out the truth for yourself?

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