These Indian Conspiracy Theories Will Make You Question The History We’ve Learnt In Schools

Kaafi suspense and mystery hai inme.


DISCLAIMER: We don’t endorse or support any of these theories.

Our history is rich and versatile. But our history is centuries old and by the course of time, humans found quite a few unexplained, mysterious events. It is a belief that some covert but influential agency (mostly government or very powerful individual) is responsible for an unexplained event. The problem is that we can’t verify these theories, but they’re equally interesting and intriguing.

1. Bhagat Singh’s death


This is one of the most popular conspiracy theory. Many of the theorists believe that Mahatma Gandhi could have stopped the execution of Bhagat Singh but he didn’t. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajaguru were scheduled death sentence. They were to be executed.

What baffles the theorists is that Bhagat Singh was scheduled to be hanged on 24th March but they were hanged a day earlier instead, on 23rd March 1931. 

They didn’t get time to have the last conversation with their family. Another theory is that Gandhi actively conspired with the British to have Singh executed.

These experts say that the father of our nation could have used his influence to save Bhagat Singh but he chose not to. The major reason was that Bhagat Singh method was that of violence and Gandhiji opposed his thoughts and methods.

In fact, there is a list of  Nehru- Gandhi conspiracies.

2. Netaji Shubash Chandra Bose’s death


Officially it is said that Netaji Shubash Chandra Bose died in a plane crash but there are several conspiracy theories around it.

According to Maj Gen GD Bakshi in his book ‘Bose: The Indian Samurai – Netaji and the INA Military Assessment’, “Netaji didn’t die in the plane crash. It was a theory floated to facilitate his escape to the Soviet Union. Japanese intelligence agencies had floated the theory so that Netaji can safely escape to the Soviet Union”

According to the official reports, Indian leader Subhas Chandra Bose died from third-degree burns on 18 August 1945 after his plane crashed in Formosa. But then, none of his companions who were left behind saw any body, photographs or a death certificate. But according to the theorists, he wasn’t on the plane itself.

This wasn’t the first time something like that happened. In 1940, Bose had escaped house arrest in Calcutta and there was no news whether he was alive or not. But when his appearance at Germany in 1941 appeared it had created a sense of mystery and in a way had become legendary.


Even Mohandas Gandhi swiftly said that he was sceptical about the air crash, but changed his mind after meeting the Indian survivor Habibur Rahman.

In the 1950s, stories appeared in which Bose had become a sadhu. The sadhu, however, denied being the real Subhas Chandra Bose and died in 1977.  The sadhu was called Gumnami Baba. 

Last year, Justice Vishnu Sahai Commission, set up a probe to the identity of Gumnami Baba. They looked into the belonging of Gumnami Baba that was found after his demise. Among the belongings were some maps belonging to the pre-Independence era and other items like pens that people insisted belonged to Bose. (Source)

Main Source – (Source)

3. Homi Bhabha’s death


In October 1965, Bhabha had announced over All India Radio that if he got the go-ahead, India had the capability to make a nuclear bomb in 18 months. Homi Bhabha was flying to Vienna to attend a meeting when the plane crashed into Mont Blanc.

But then there are lots of controversies surrounded by it.

According to this report,If Kanchenjunga had crashed in the mountain, there should have been huge fire and explosion as there was 41,000 tonne of fuel in the aircraft, but that was not the case. Just two minutes before the crash, the aircraft was at 6,000 feet above the ground. According to me, it collided with an Italian aircraft and as there is very little oxygen at that height, there was no combustion that could cause an explosion.”


Another supporting evidence is that the explosion was done by CIA.

A book titled Conversations with the Crow has the transcripts of journalist Gregory Douglas’s interview with former CIA operative Robert Crowley. The book claimed the CIA got rid of Bhabha to “paralyse” India’s nuclear programme.

Crowley claims it was a bomb in the cargo section of the aircraft which brought it down in the Alps. (Source)

4. Ashoka’s  Secret Society Of Nine Unknown Men


It is said that Emperor Ashoka made a secret society of nine unknown men to guard nine books which are essential for the existence of the human race. The books contain important information on warfare, sociology, communication, alchemy, death, microbiology, light, gravity and cosmology.

Each of the Nine men was tasked with holding a specific special book of knowledge and preserving them. It is said that these books hold the secrets of anti-gravity and time travel.

In 1923, a book was written by Talbot Mundy, “The Nine Unknown,” which talked about these nine men.

Mundy revealed that each of the nine members possessed a book that was constantly rewritten, updated and contained detailed accounts of a certain scientific subject. ( Source)

5. Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Death


Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri had travelled to Tashkent in 1965 to sign an agreement that would formally end the India-Pakistan war. But strangely, the next day, he was found dead. According to the official reports, he died of a heart attack but the most of the people don’t believe in it.

Why is it so suspicious?

Officially there weren’t any postmortem done but his wife Lalitha had said that the body was blue and had cut marks. A body turns blue only if it is embalmed. If there was no post-mortem conducted, then how did these marks come from? And if it was, where are the reports?


The theorists became more evident when his personal doctor, RN Chugh, had said that he never had any heart issues in the past. So a sudden heart attack seemed highly unlikely. Conspiracy theorists believed that he was poisoned.

Plus, when his belongings came back, his thermos flask was missing. The flask was known to be his last drink. On 2 October 1970, (Shastri’s birthday) his wife asked for a probe into her husband’s death.

Shockingly, when a commission was established to carry out the enquiry, Shastri’s personal physician Dr RN Chugh and personal attendant Ram Nath, who were with him on the Tashkent trip, died in accidents on separate days, rather mysteriously. The mishaps occurred on days they were to depose before the commission.



In 2009, an RTI was filed to declassify the documents related to Shastri’s death, but these were (rightly) dismissed because they would harm foreign relations and might also cause disruption of the country’s peace.

6. India’s UFO Base


It is said that India has it’s own UFO base. The Kongka La Pass on the border of China and India is known to have quite a few UFO sightings. For the locals on both sides, it is one of the common occurrences. They believe there is an underground UFO base and both the countries have the knowledge about it.

Reportedly, there was an incident involving Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash, who had seen unidentifiable objects flying in the air. They had seen unusual triangular flying objects that glow due to phosphorescence. (Source)


This theory is backed by the image captured by the Google Earth in 2006. It revealed a 1:500 scale detailed terrain model of the area in question on the Chinese side of the border.  This model was surrounded by buildings resembling a military facility, suggesting that was indeed something fishy about the area.

7. The 2004 Tsunami 


December 26, 2004, was one of the worst disaster recorded in the world. An undersea earthquake triggered the Tsunami which killed millions in South-East Asia. The Earthquake measured 9.0 on the Richter scale and was the third largest Tsunami ever recorded on a Seismograph.

Considered as the 10th worst natural disaster of all the time, the Tsunami arrived over two hours after the earthquake hit, which suggested that the earthquake might have triggered something which led to the Tsunami.

The theorists believe that it was caused by underground Nuclear tests conducted by the United States. However, the idea that nuclear testing results in Tsunamis are new and under-researched. But it is possible that it would trigger an Earthquake which would lead to a Tsunami.  (Source)

8. Sanjay Gandhi’s death


On June 23, 1980, Sanjay Gandhi’s plane crashed but had no explosion. According to the reports, the plane had a new machine. According to the theorists, the plane which crashes but has no explosions happens when there is barely any fuel.

But according to the data, the fuel was full and had been filled that day only. There wasn’t much of inquiry taken place. There are many rumours that Indira Gandhi favoured Rajiv and Sonia than the other couple. It was well known that she didn’t much like Maneka Gandhi.


Also at that time, Sanjay was taking control of politics and was emerging as a Congress leader, much to the disliking of his mother. It is also said that Sanjay’s biological father was a Muslim Man and he was using that information to blackmail his mother.

Conspiracy theories


There is other news that Sanjay and his mother didn’t agree with most of his decision regarding the political scenario. According to Wikileaks, cables on Sanjay Gandhi revealed that no less than three assassination attempts had been made to eliminate him.

“There were three assassination attempts on Sanjay Gandhi, a key figure during the Emergency, including one where a high powered rifle was used when the leader was visiting Uttar Pradesh”, said a cable. (Source)

So what do you think about them?

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