Indian Guy Found A Land That Belongs To No Country And Claimed It As His Own Kingdom

Because who doesn’t want to rule and be a king someday?


This guy became the ruler of a country, we’re not messing with you. An Indian guy owns a piece of land near Egypt now. He calls it the Kingdom of Dixit. This is quite a proud moment we guess? Bharat ka naam roshan kar raha hai!

So, Suyash Dixit is the King of a land which was unclaimed. The land of Bir Tawil is located in between Egypt and Sudan. He pre-planned the whole thing, obviously. It’s no joke, right?

This is what you need to know about the piece of land, Bir Tawil.


The land is a 795 mile square patch on the border of Sudan and Egypt. This land is not claimed by either of the countries. Unlike other pieces of land, there are no roads or permanent residents here.


The story is quite interesting

Just to tell how dangerous this plan was, the route that I took is under Egyptian military (it is an international border) and is an area of terrorists so military have a “shoot at sight” orders. But, if your bucket list ideas are not scary enough then they are not worth trying! And yes you need permissions to even enter the route that takes to this place. We got on 3 conditions, no photos of military areas (which is almost everything), you be back in the single day and you do not carry valuables. We drove for 6 hours straight in the middle of the desert and barren lands and crossing 1 military base to the location.

Also, here are all the deets about The Kingdom of Dixit:

Name: Kingdom of Dixit (KoD)
Flag: <Images attached>
Current population of country: 1
Capital city: Suyashpur
Ruler: King Suyash I
Date of establishment: Nov. 5, 2017
National animal: lizard (I didn’t see any other animal there)

I hereby declare Suyog Dixit as the acting Prime Minister and the Head of Military (if we have any) from today. We are accepting applications for other posts.

Suyash posted this on Facebook:

Posted by Suyash Dixit on 7 नोव्हेंबर 2017

This guy is living off the edge, literally!

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