20 Hilarious Indian Classical Art Memes That Will Make You Feel Weirdly Patriotic

India is a land of rich culture. Deeply held beliefs. Stunning architecture. There is so much to discover here. Like how hot does it get before an American man bursts into flames? But regardless of weather, thousands come each year to savour what our motherland has to offer. One of these things being our artwork – depicting scenes from our history and mythology. But some people have no respect. They desecrate these great moments by inserting ridiculous lines that turn our proud history, into memes.

They would be placed under arrest – if they weren’t so funny. This time, let’s focus on MedievalReactionsIN – and thank them for their contribution. For making this world a slightly more inappropriately funny place.

#1 Miley Cyrus Has Nothing On This –

#2 Skypes Dates Are Great Till Everything Freezes Over

#3 Puff Puff Pass Bro


#5 Pokemon GO Can Go F*** Itself

#6 Before Sonam Kapoor Promoted Shampoo – This Lady Obliged

#7 Sabka DP Alag Alag

#8 It Always Catches You Unawares

#9 KRK’s Tweets Will Always Be There For You

#10 Truth

#11 Sholay B.C.

#12 Our Condolences To The Man Who Says No

#13 So Many F**k Ups, So Little Time

#14 Gareebo Ki Suno

#15 AIB Will Tell You Al About This

#16 Sabar  Ka Fal Meetha

#17 Tum Kya Bol Rahe The?


#19 Bruno Mars Never Looked This Fabulous

#20 “Accident” — Sure

Clearly, there’s more to art than what the artist intended and if there’s anyone who is willing to re-interpret creatively – it’s somebody on the internet. Thank you MedievalReactionsIN for all the fond memories.

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