The Underground Street Rap And Hip-Hop Scene In India Is More Than Just ‘Gully Boy’

The film Gully Boy will do wonders in introducing the underground rap and hip hop scene in India.

ranveer singh with rap stars
Ranveer Singh with rappers at Gully Boy workshop


In India, the rap and hip-hop scene is widely recognized as the Honey Singh and Baadshah domain.  This, of course, is the commercial version of the music style. Filmmakers suddenly realized the sudden catchiness of using a rap bridge in their songs. This market is overtaken by the Punjabi artists. The commercial rap and hip-hop music in India mostly talk about alcohol, womanizing and luxurious lifestyle. The underground rap and hip-hop scene is the polar opposite.

The Rap and hip-hop music was started as a means of expression. It spoke about the harsh truths of life with a rhyming scheme.

Ranveer Singh was in the news recently for starring in Gully Boy that is being directed by Zoya Akhtar. His Christian Balesque transformation for the role was in the spotlight. The movie is essentially a coming-of-age story about an underground street rapper. His role will be a fictionalized version based on the lives of street rappers Naezy and Divine.

In preparation, he was seen collaborating with a bunch of talented street rappers. Take a look.

The street rap scene in India is quite unique and is full of talented musicians waiting for their break. Before the film is released and you buy your tickets, it would do you good to brush up on the music.

These are some of the most talented street rappers on the scene and they have a lot to offer.

#1. Naezy

When a big star like Ranveer Singh depends on you for rap workshops, you know you have arrived. Growing up in gullies of Kurla, this rapper writes about what he knows best and draws inspiration from his personal life. His raps are his biography.

#2. Dee MC

One of the very few female hip-hop artist in the country, Deepa Unikrishnan aka Dee MC released her first music video in 2013. She is the closest to mainstream hip-hop.

#3. Brodha V

Just 27 years old, Brodha V has already made a mark for himself in the hip-hop scene. Even Rolling Stone has critically acclaimed his music. His talent and fame in the independent circuit have earned him collaborations with the greats like Raghu Dixit, Benny Dayal, and Vishal Dadlani.

#4. Divine

Vivian Fernandes has made it big in the underground rap scene with the alias Divine. His single ‘Jungli Sher’ was a hit and he has even collaborated with Nucleya for the song ‘Paintra’ which features in the critically acclaimed film Mukkabaaz.

#5. MC Mawali

Hailing from Mumbai, MC Mawali showcases his roots in his music. His Marathi rap is a delight to hear if you understand the language.

#6. Borkung Hrangkhawl

This rapper from Tripura made a mark when he released his album The Journey back in 2013. His music stays away from the superficial themes and instead focuses on topics like racism, justice, and discrimination.

#7. Feyago

This rapper from Shillong has probably done all the underground circuits that there is. He has been featured on Vh1 and MTV Roots.

We hope these guys get their dues soon. Gully Boy will be instrumental in building their identity commercially in the country.

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