Let Us Never Forget The Immigration Department Inaugurating The 32nd Of December

The very first thing that you’re going to do wrong in the New Year is fuck up the date.


Whether its official documents, your diary entry, your sexy diary entry or even your bank statements. You are going to mess up the year at least once. And its nothing to be ashamed of. You are after all a human with an average IQ.

We make mistakes.

But you know who should ideally not be making the same mistakes as a sleepy 16-year-old? The Immigration Department of Mumbai.


But they totally did. At least according to Harjinder Singh Kukreja who hilariously revealed their little error on Twitter earlier this month.

As he so aptly puts it, that is what makes India India. But very much like your mother, Twitter does not forgive faults so easily.

Twitter does not forgive or forget. It does not eat, it does no sleep. It follows and it trolls the crap out of you. And this time was no exception.










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