These 10 Illustrations Prove That There’s Nothing Like A Sibling Love!

When we’re kids, our siblings might as well be our worst enemies. They borrow our clothes without asking, get jealous of our new toys, tattle on us to our parents and are basically the thorn in our youthful sides. Luckily or unluckily, I am the middle child, so I had to deal with my elder sister and my younger brother. But there’s one thing that I realised growing up, no matter how much we fought, at the end of the day, they were always the one, I would go to!

Do you remember the times you pulled a prank on your siblings? Let us take you on a nostalgia drive-

1. The time when your brother was a WWE fan and tried one or two steps on you!


2. When the fun time for your sibling meant destroying the card tower you made!


3. When you hated the greens and gave it to the younger sibling!


4. When the younger brother had no sense of the dress code and allowed you to dress him for fun!


5. Har Bhai-Behen ki kaahani


6. When the elder sibling cooked up stories!


7. The best part? They believed it!


8. Brothers always find a way to harass you! (Also, the endless TV show fight)


9. When your brother thought they were ‘helping’ you!


10. When you are as mischievous as them!


Special thanks to Prajna for making these beautiful illustrations!

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