If You Missed Out On Bitcoin, Don’t Worry! Reliance’s JioCoin Might Be Your Chance

“Bitcoin” gave “nepotism” quite the run for its money in 2017.


With the crypto-currency going from “this is a waste of time and money” to “8 Lakhs per bitcoin holy sh*t!”. Which is why by the time Bitcoin was truly ingrained into our collective imagination, it was far past our financial capacity. But Reliance’s new venture JioCoin might just be the solution you need.

The conglomerate plans to launch its own cryptocurrency utilising blockchain technology under the leadership of Akash Ambani.


Blockchain technology is a method that allows storage of large amounts of information that has been primarily utilised to develop cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, Reliance is looking to expand their horizons by using it to develop applications.

The plan is to collect young professionals in the field and develop JioCoin and methods to manage supply chains as well as supply chain logistics.

So pay attention this time before another opportunity to get crazy rich passes you by.

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