If You Have A Smartphone, These Are 12 Thoughts You Have Definitely Had!

Our smartphones – no matter which brand or features – has become a bionic attachment. As a smartphone user, there are certain moments that keeps repeating itself and has become an inherent part of life.

1.Did I just lose my phone?!


That moment when you get down from public transport and can’t feel your phone on you, you have a major panic attack. Nothing makes your heart go 0-60 in 1 second than the thought of having lost your phone, not even your crush!

2.Ughh…who is this calling?!


When an unknown number pops up on your screen and the Truecaller fails to recognize it, it makes you instantly suspicious. The feeling is similar to spotting hair in your food.

3.Why doesn’t this person just text!


When the device was invented, we’d thought it would bring people closer. It has become the opposite, we no longer want to talk to people or hear their voice. We want to stay in touch superficially via texts and social media.

4.Shit, shit, shit…the battery is about to die


You’d win every kind of race if the charger was at the end of the finish line. You never move as fast when you think your phone is about to die.

5.Should I buy a new phone?


Every new shiny smartphone calls at you, and you look at your current one and wonder, do I need an upgrade? It takes a true loyalist to refrain the temptation.

6.I need a break from my phone!


The overwhelming pressure to catch up on social media and share snippets of your life constantly can drive anyone crazy. When it gets too much, the desire to throw the phone across the room is just too much.

7.To Reply Or Not To Reply…


The business of keeping in touch with your crush is ridden with hurdles. Most of these problems exist in our heads.

8. No one gives a shit about me


There are few things that make you feel miserable so easily than not receiving a call or text the entire day from any people in your life. Not even your mother. The self-esteem at times like this is at all time low.

9.Did I keep my phone on silent?


Imagine you are in a serious discussion and a silly ringtone breaks up the attention and the source is a call on your phone. This is a highly embarrassing situation.

10. Not another spam message!


It is the sale season and your phone number is being passed around like fresh meat with the service providers. That lovely ping turns into annoyance when you realize it’s just a spam message from Dominoes!

11.Damn you autocorrect!


Every time you try using some fancy Hinglish words or slangs that dictionary doesn’t recognize, your phone tries to act over smart. Like it knows what exactly is in your mind. This is how people get sent gibberish texts that no can decode. In moments like these, you hate autocorrect more than anything!

12. Missed calls from mom!


Everyone who breathes knows you do not miss your mother’s call. No matter how old you get, missing one call creates a chain reaction which ends in her having a panic attack because she couldn’t get in touch with you.

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