When The Iceland Cricket Team Needed Help, Internet Came To The Rescue

Cricket as a sport is slowly creeping its way into the hearts of millions outside the sub-continent. One such country is Iceland; but for it to become a grass-roots sport in the country they needed the Internet to help out.


A few days back, some good folks at r/cricket sub-reddit started a crowd-funding campaign to become the sponsors for Iceland’s cricket team. They did it for the sport and also for an opportunity to get anything they wanted to be written on their cricket kits. Even memes are fair game now.

How will their campaign help?

This would go a long way in helping out the cricketers and the board since Iceland is not a member of the ICC and they do not receive any funding from them. By contributing towards this, we can actually do something meaningful towards the development of the sport in these smaller nations.

With a population of a little over 3 lac, it wouldn’t cost too much to send schools a couple Cricket Bats, and Stumps. Cricket balls wouldn’t be too necessary as you can use Tennis balls.

With the population of the country being less than Delhi or Mumbai or Kolkata, Iceland has still managed to qualify for the World Cup after their sensational heroics against England at Euros two years ago. That’s why 54% of the population believes that elves, or huldufólk, inhabit the countryside.

we’ve got to remember that the sport only spreads through expats. When Australia and South Africa started playing cricket, their team consisted of a bunch of expats from England. Ireland used to be a team with lots of expats from cricket nations as well and now look at their team. Cricket spreads through expats. And then if it is looked after, the locals play it as well. That is our game – cricket.

What do you think of this heart-warming gesture? Let us know in the comments below.

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