Hugh Jackman Will Always Be Remembered As Wolverine But The Prestige Is His Best Movie

We love him as Wolverine but let’s face this fact – Hugh Jackman’s best movie was Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece The Prestige.

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Every now and then, we come across a new announcement about a certain actor being cast as a superhero. But for the entire generation of 90s kids, Hugh Jackman will be irreplaceable as Wolverine.

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Around 19 years ago, Hugh Jackman was a struggling actor whose previous experience in the entertainment industry was performing as a clown on birthdays.

But half a dozen X-Men movies and a few ‘Sexiest Man of the Year’ awards later, he’s become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. So much so, that even a cut-out of his face was enough to make fans scream during Deadpool.

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When X23 turned the cross on top of Logan’s grave into an ‘X’, our hearts bled.

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Luckily, Jackman has regularly proven that he has more to offer than just action hero charisma and good looks. And one of the biggest examples of his brilliant acting skills is The Prestige.

Jackman stars as Robert Angier, a stage artist whose friend Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) becomes his rivalry. Robert tries to find out what is behind Alfred’s latest trick. Making Robert a sympathetic character makes it easy to root for him throughout the drama. It doesn’t hurt having David Bowie play Nikola Tesla.

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What works really well with The Prestige is the brilliance of Christopher Nolan. Here’s just an example of how great this movie really is:

The film’s title is fitting as the whole film is in fact a prestige in itself; the audience is forever being misled by miscommunication, deception, slights of hand and double bluffs and the worst thing of all is that the film knowingly tells you that it is doing so throughout.

Interesting enough The Prestige may actually be one of the best examples of Jackman’s personal charm actually translating to one of his performances, although here it is refined to for a specific intent.

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Yes, Angier is often more lively and outgoing than Borden when we see him at a personal scale, but the real charm of the man appears when he is performing onstage. Jackman is just about perfect in these scenes capturing the grandeur of the method that Angier employs on stage.

Jackman builds the presentation of Angier’s own tricks, and shows the way in which he makes them seem better than Borden’s original. Jackman brings the needed charisma in these scenes as he creates the broad appeal of the magic trick making it a true even simply to witness what is happening.

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Jackman plays the part as though as basically sudden outbursts of the obsession. This is not to say that Jackman portrays Angier as though he is loses his obsession then suddenly gains it.

The Australian actor is instead quite good in mostly showing Angier as being much better than Borden at covering up this obsession.

Jackman keeps his more outgoing nature most of the time to seemingly make Angier more likable, yet there is almost his own subtle coldness about him as the obsession never seems to truly leave him where it would on occasion leave Borden.

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Don’t get me wrong here; Hugh Jackman has (had) been phenomenal as Wolverine. If he ever develops back pain, it’ll be because of the fact that he has been carrying the weight of the X-Men franchise on his shoulders for over 16 years now.

But Hugh Jackman is much more than just the Wolverine. This article is just an attempt to acknowledge his exceptional acting in The Prestige.

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