Hugh Jackman AKA Logan Has A Special Message For The Indian Cricket Team

Cricket and movies are two of our country’s biggest passions. And in one fell swoop, Hugh Jackman, AKA Wolverine, AKA Logan, has broken down the invisible walls between the two passions.

In a video he posted today, Hugh Jackman addressed the Indian cricket team, and spoke of his appreciation for them. But he proceeded to add that no matter how good the Indian team is, they just can’t beat the Aussies. Now this is a straight-out war cry from an Aussie to the entire cricket team. We hope the Indian team can respond to this challenge, on the field.

He then proceeds to talk about his movie Logan, in which he plays Wolverine one last time, and urges people to watch both, his movie and the second test match.

Check out what Hugh Jackman has to say –

Or, you could book your tickets for the India vs Australia match here.

Either ways, it will be interesting to see how the Indian team responds to this.

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