Twitter Can’t Believe Some Of The Things Hrithik Said In His Interview With Arnab

Every time, you open your social media account, a new Hrithik- Kangana’s allegation turns up on your feed. While this has been going on since few years, Hrithik finally decided to talk about the matter on a public platform. What started with a silly remark about an ex, snowballed into a full-blown criminal investigation about stalking. Today, he had an interview with Arnab Goswami where he made quite a few revelations about the spat.

He also said that the media was so hostile that he didn’t have the right platform to talk. “I tried writing a blog to say the truth about twenty times but my friends told me not to do so because I am a star. Being a star was a disadvantage for me. The whole Paris thing was always in the third person. It can easily be denied because it was always sourced to a close friend.”

But while the interview was going on, people took to Twitter to write about it. While there were people supporting Hrithik but there were others who didn’t believe his side of the story. While we don’t know the truth, it just seemed funny how Twitter was divided.

Here are the best ones –

You can watch the entire review on Republic’s website here. What do you think about it? Comment below!

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