Completely Pointless But Funny Tweets About Hrithik And Kangana’s Pointless Argument

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it legitimate news? It’s Hrithik and Kangana fighting again!

Hrithik And Kangana

So. Should everyone shut up about this and move on with their lives? Hrithik and Kangana might disagree and hash it out, but the rest of us should right? It can’t be healthy to obsess over something like this. We have lives of our own, jobs of our own.

And unlike biologically perfect actors, we can’t make a living by constantly clarifying our statements to the media.

But if legitimate news sources are covering this, devoting time and money while trying to get the public up to speed about one of the most pointless controversies of our time, then it is only fair that we do the same. Because we’re no better.

But unlike the rest of the internet, we refuse to tell you what happened. Because seriously who cares, but we’ll make you laugh.

We hope.

Because there is no better way to react to












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