How Do Women Not Know That Single Men Generally Don’t Change Their Bedsheets For Days?

Okay, wait. Go to the nearest single guy you find and ask them this question. That’ll give you perspective.

Most single guys often live a stress-free life. Khaaya, peeya, maze kiye and that’s pretty much it.

Single men have priorities in life. Career, education, family, nashe, electronics.

Ab zindagi ki bhaag daud mein hygiene pe kaun hi dhyaan rakhta hai.

Recently, fresh data had come out that confirms the biggest fear our mothers have – tu achhe se toh reh raha hai? And it told us something that most single men find believable while women can’t help but wrinkle their noses at.

Men change their bedsheets only four times a year. Yes.

Once every 3 months.


What happens to all the sweat? It gets absorbed in the fabric, man.

It’s the younger single lads who are best avoided, with the grubbiest age group being revealed as those aged 18-25.

How do men manage this way, you might think. Well, it’s simple. Ek baar ek side, then the other side and then a few weeks without any bedsheet. That’s quite convenient, no?

A survey of men conducted by the mattress company Ergoflex found that nearly half – 49 percent – only wash their sheets only four times a year and rarely changed the pillowcases. You can read more about it here and here.

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