9 Hostel Food Hacks That Are Perfect For People Who Have To Survive Without Maa Ka Khaana!

Let me be honest: I’m one of those fortunate ones who’s never had to leave home for too long and live on hostel offerings, so technically I’m not qualified to write this. But there are experts out there who’ve been through it all and swear by these tried and tested hacks to sort out your food needs when you find yourself in a hostel situation.

Take notes.

1. If you don’t have access to a microwave or a stove, buy an electric kettle. Besides heating water for chai and soups, they can be used to make Maggi, boil eggs, vegetables and even rice.

2. If you’re someone who lives on Maggi day in and day out, here’s a way to spice it up, literally. Strain water from the boiled noodles and then fry them with veggies or eggs or processed meats.

3. Craving scrambled eggs? Just whisk a couple in a mug and season as per taste. Microwave for about a minute and you have a good breakfast with minimal effort.

4. Too lazy to eat like a human while studying late? Wear your hoodie backwards and put your bag of munchies into the hood in front. Two words: Easy Access.

5. When hunger pangs strike late into the night, a sheet of aluminium foil and a clothes iron can double up as a mini grill!

6. If you find yourself without a spoon to dig into your cup of dessert, simply tear off the aluminium seal and fashion it into a spoon-like shape you can use to scoop out its contents.

7. Hate doing the dishes? Cover your plate with saran wrap so that once you’re done eating all you have to do is take off the wrap. No washing necessary.

8. Here’s another way to save effort and water. When you open a packet of snacks, simply roll up the bottom of the pack to turn it into its own bowl.

9. If you’ve got 1 tray, 2 pizzas and a huge appetite, how do you reheat both at the same time?
Simple. Cut the pizzas in half and lay them with the straight edges facing outward!

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