From Corruption To Cows, 10 Things The World Will Hopefully Achieve By The Year 2050

No, we’re not talking about Love Story 2050.


It takes mere seconds for the world to change and decades for people to notice it has.

But with the world changing a mile a minute, we wonder how much could change in 4 decades? Taking into consideration how much we’ve been through, we’re just trying to figure what and how things would change by 2050.

Or at least, we’re hoping it will.

#1 Low/ No poverty


Yes, we know this sounds a little doubtful.

But history is proof and it always repeats itself. It does and we’re so glad that it does. Bill Gates had said, “There will be no poor countries in 2035.” There has been a lot of progress in the statistics from 1990 to 2010. Think about the progress in economies that could take place during a larger time frame.

#2 Humans could live forever, thanks to computerized brains


The brain will not decay. Everything from your memories to your habit will be stored in a computer, not that it isn’t now. This is what could happen by 2045,  financial-backer Dmitry Itskov and neuroscientist Randal Koene are working on how to transfer the consciousness into an artificial body. It will be “mapping the brain, reducing its activity to computations, and reproducing those computations in code,”  according to Popular Science.

#3 Corruption will hopefully be eradicated


The index of corruption has only been high with time. Unfortunately, corruption is necessary for the smallest things today. We really hope that this changes with time. Although there have been trails at changing that system by many. We’re hoping that things change very soon.

#4 Women will be safer than cows


Well, something that really needs to happen. This needs to happen, it has to happen. This world needs to value women more. Assuming that the literacy rates only increase with time, the mentality too might change.

#5 The world’s population could touch 10 billion


Shocker. We knew this was coming. The population is already 7.6 billion and is increasing year after year. Unfortunately, this is not going to decrease. The world is going to be as cramped up as a house on rent.

#6 Everyone will be literate


Right now, only 23.6% of the world’s population can’t read. Imagine by 2050, the illiteracy rate will be less than around say 10% at least. With the literacy rate only increasing, the world’s problems might too decrease.

#7 Internet access will be a birthright


We mean second graders have iPads now. So yea, the internet might just become a birthright. Your grandkids will be born with small devices that will automatically connect them to some random iPhone 50 by some 10 G connection for all you know.

#8 Less warfare


In the past 3 decades, the internal armed conflicts will decrease more than 50%. It is said that there will be less warfare will be due to climate change, this is what co-author University of Oslo Political Science Professor Håvard Hegre said:

“adverse effects are still unlikely to be sufficiently strong to dramatically change the projected global trends in conflict.”

#9 Cures and vaccines for almost all diseases


It is said that within 20 years, we will have a cure for HIV and almost every other disease. With scientists working day in day out on a cure for Alzheimer’s and meningitis; we’re sure there is a brighter future ahead.

#10 Designer babies


Yes, we’re not kidding. The idea of genetically engineering babies will probably scare you or make you cringe. But imagine, babies, being genetically immune to diseases by replacing the damaged genes or even crooked teeth? How cute.

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