8 Times People Came Home Only To Find The Creepiest Of Things

Home is where the heart is, but if you happen to own an old house, it’s also likely to be where the horror is.

Here are some strange and some downright freaky discoveries made by unsuspecting homeowners who got a lot more than they bargained for when they signed the lease.

1. Skeletal Remains of Humans

A home on Craven St. in London had a mass grave of over 1,200 skeletal remains beneath its basement. Interesting, they all dated back to roughly the time during which notable American founding father Benjamin Franklin lived there. Apparently, the home was used by his friend William Hewson as a secret anatomy school.


2. A Secret Chapel

In 2010, the Farla family were celebrating at the Telford home they’d moved into three years ago when they decided to check out the strange metal grid which lay alongside a wall.

After pulling it away, they found a hole just big enough for Gareth Farla, 20, and his uncle Matthew Lathan, 25, to squeeze through. They found themselves in a small, eerie cellar that looked a lot like a chapel. Their hunch was further proved when they found a wooden cross which appeared to have fallen down after rotting away.


3. Bottled Fetuses

In the basement of a building that what was once thought to be used as an illegal abortion clinic in the 1900s, two fetuses preserved in jars were found.
The discovery was made in Hannibal, Missouri, by two workmen who were conducting renovations on the property.


4. An Alligator

In January 2016, a repairman went down to a man’s basement only to discover a 6-foot, 200-pound alligator. He immediately notified animal control in Lansing, who rescued the “pet” kept in captivity for over 20 years.


5. A Wall Full Of Snakes

The Sessions moved into their dream home in Idaho only to find more than 40 snakes in the yard in a single day. They spent a sleepless night listening to a slithering in their walls. When Ben removed a panel of siding, dozens of snakes came bursting out.
To their horror, they realized they’d been living atop an enormous snake hibernaculum, using snake shit water to drink, shower and bathe.


6. Live Ammunition!

Linda DeForest of Goshen, Indiana, found a foot-long piece of ammunition in her basement she didn’t recognize. She and her equally puzzled husband then consulted an army veteran who kindly explained that it was a mortar showing no signs of ever having been disarmed so thankfully, they stopped toying with it.


7.  Infant Mummies

In 2010, inside two trunks tucked away in a Los Angeles building basement, a woman made a shocking discovery. Sealed away together with things like a copy of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and a membership card to the Peter Pan Woodland Club, were two mummified remains of newborn infants, wrapped up in newspapers from the 1930s.


8. A Corpse

Jorge Giro bought a new house in the seaside town of Roses, Spain, after its previous owner mysterious disappeared and failed to make the mortgage payments. When he stepped into the living room to admire the view of the Mediterranean sea, however, he realized he had company: The dried-up corpse of the previous owner was on the floor.


That’s enough of tummy twisting bizarre stuff for today, right?

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