Important Scenes From These 7 Popular Hollywood Movies Were Filmed In India

Did you notice the Mehrangarh Fort in The Dark Knight Rises?

Dark Knight

We’ve lost count of the Bollywood movies shot abroad.There have been instances when Hollywood came to India and put the right amount of desi tadka to their films. There are films where we might have noticed India in and there are some shockers as well. These are the 7 famous Hollywood films that were shot in India.

#1 Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol


The fourth installation of Mission Impossible had extensively been shot in Mumbai. The movie also starred Anil Kapoor.

#2 A Mighty Heart- Pune and Mumbai

A mighty heart


The movie was based on the Wall Street journalist who was kidnapped and killed by Al Qaida. The makers didn’t get permission to shoot in Pakistan and ended up shooting in India. The film was shot at Sindh Society in Pune and the Churchgate station in Mumbai.

#3 Holy Smoke- Rajasthan


This Kate Winslet starrer movie was shot in Pune and Rajasthan.

#4 Eat Pray Love-  Delhi


India was a pivotal part of the story and the movie was extensively shot in Pataudi in Haryana.

#5 The Darjeeling Limited – Jodhpur


The movie was shot in Jodhpur and you can also spot Irrfan Khan in the movie.

#6 Jobs- Delhi and Vrindavan


To provide a flashback to Steve Job’s trip to India in 1964 the movie was shot in Vrindavan.

#7 Zero Dark Thirty – Chandigarh

Zero Dark

The makers weren’t allowed to shoot in Pakistan because the movie was based on the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. The makers made Chandigarh look like Lahore.

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