The Famous Hoaxes Of 2017 That People Believed Because Of Social Media

The internet is a very funny place. Anything can go viral in a matter of minutes and become an instant obsession. However, too much information can also be dangerous. We tend to believe anything that internet tells us without a second thought. Through WhatsApp forwards and social media videos, here are stories that went viral but later turned out to be hoaxes.

1. Akash Ambani’s Wedding Card Worth Rs 1.5 Lakh & Made Of Gold


Currently in the news is Akash Ambani’s upcoming wedding. For those unaware, he’s the eldest son of Mukesh Ambani, one of India’s biggest industrialists. A video of his wedding invitation card went viral on the internet a couple days ago.
It details an elaborate card with “pure gold” plating, and worth Rs 1.5 lakh. But an official denial clearly refutes those claims.
The statement says, “A fake video illustrating an alleged wedding card of Mr Akash Ambani – Board Member, Reliance Jio, is being currently circulated on various social media and instant message platforms. We would like to clarify that this video is completely untrue and contains hoax content designed purely for sensationalism.”

Indian Express took a closer look and found that right enough, the wedding invitation was signed under the name of Lazer Footwear Pvt Ltd and it also shows the name of Meena and Naresh Bansal.
(Fact Source)


2. Chandigarh Student Who Was Offered A Job At Google With An Annual Salary Of 1.44 Crore


Earlier this year, rumours were rife that a 16-year-old received an offer letter from Google with an annual package of Rs. 1.44 crore.

The Department of Public Relations, Chandigarh Administration, had sent out a press release on 29 July claiming Sharma, who completed his Standard XII from the Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS) this year, has been selected for a Graphic Designing post at Google.

However, a Google representative told The Indian Express that the company did not “have any information on our records with respect to Harshit Sharma’s candidacy.”

His mother then told the Hindustan Times that he was traumatized by his public humiliation and had refused meals since the news came out. “Doctors say he is traumatised. Those who were congratulating us are now taunting us,” she told the paper. The boy had to be hospitalised, HT reported.

3. Delhi Smog Video: Yamuna Expressway Accident

A video of cars smashing into each other back to back was all over the net when the Delhi smog was at its worst. The video was actually from an incident on Yamuna Expressway a year ago and wasn’t fresh footage. Here’s the actual video.

4. Undigested “Noodles” Being Extracted From Someone’s Stomach

This viral video that was widely circulated on social media showed doctors removing undigested noodles from a patient’s intestines. Turns out, the doctors weren’t removing noodles but rather intestinal worms.

(Fact Source)

Check out the real video –

Crazy what damage half-truths can do on the internet, right?

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