Here’s The History Behind The Origin Of Friendship Day!

Young people all across the globe come together and joyfully celebrate the first Sunday of August as ‘Friendship Day’ and I’m sure most of us have no idea why? I would do it because the number of friendship bands decided how popular one was in school and also, the Archies store would always have fancy things to buy. 


However, the real idea behind celebrating this day was a little more than just tying bands and letting your friends know how much you love them. The concept of this day aimed towards spreading love and peace between nations and individuals who’d witnessed so much hatred during the World War. 


The history of this day can be traced all the way to 1935 when the US Congress decided to dedicate a day in the honor of friends. The first World War did not only destroy physical surroundings but also destroyed people emotionally. There was an atmosphere of hatred, mistrust and increasing hostility.


Under such circumstances, the US Congress decided that there was a need for friendship not only among different nations but also individuals and hence they decided to designate the first Sunday of the month of August as Friendship Day. This day was officially declared as a holiday dedicated in the honor of friends and friendship.


This concept was loved and appreciated by other countries too and they soon started following the same trend. This day eventually became International Friendship Day and started being celebrated with enthusiasm all across the globe. 

The first Sunday of every August saw celebrations including meeting friends, gifting cards, and bands and spreading the message of love and friendship.


In 1997, Winnie the Pooh was named as the Ambassador of Friendship by the United Nations! 

Winnie The Pooh dan teman-temanSource

This concept now has been greatly commercialized with brands eventually using this day just as a medium to earn more revenue and it’s partially our fault too.

This Friendship Day, let’s not decided how popular and loved we are based on the number of gifts! This year, let’s relive the real concept of this day. Let us value this beautiful relationship that people share and spread as much love as we can. 


With so much hatred around the globe and within our own country, we need the real ideology behind this day to be implemented today. Love and Friendship are beyond religious boundaries!

Come let’s befriend HUMANITY <3 

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