6 Hindi Dubbing Artists Who Have Lent Their Voices To Hollywood’s Biggest Blockbusters

India is a large and diverse country. There are way too many languages for anyone to be fluent in all of them. But even so, we demand our entertainment in any form we can get it. And this includes dubbing popular Hollywood movies to increase box office sales in parts of India where English is not a dominant language.

But with this there comes a unique challenge – dub artists. Because we all know an Iron Man played by anyone else except Robert Downey Jr. would be weird for audiences in 2017. But there are men and women who lend their voices to these dubs and do a stellar job while they’re at it.

They are the dub artists Gotham deserves, and desperately needs in an Indian market.


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One of the big daddies of modern Hindi voice dubbing.

The man has played way too many epic characters to name them all, but his most recognizable could easily be Batman – the Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale Versions.

His son Vaibhav Thakkar is a voice artist as well.


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Another veteran on the scene, Khattar’s epic boom can be heard across Hindi cinemas. After all, not just anyone can be Iron Man.

Khattar has been at it since 1992 when he debuted as an actor in Naagin Aur Lootere. Apart from his better known projects, he’s also voiced Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson multiple times and has been featured in every Lord Of The Rings Movie.


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Being considered Tom Cruise’s official dub artist is pretty cool in and of itself. But Viraj’s talents don’t just end there, he’s played Johnny Bravo, Cyclops and Spiderman in animated series that we couldn’t get enough of as kids.

Viraj typically ends up playing protagonists, rarely voicing for antagonist roles.

But excuse us for a moment while we geek out over the same guy playing Goku and Vegeta.


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Daughter of legenday artist Leela Roy Ghosh, Mona is best known for being the voice behind Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone in Om Shaanti Om.

However, she’s dubber for various Hollywood actors as well including Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler and Halle Berry.


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Mhatre has been heavily involved in dubbing for various anime that aired on Indian television. His most recognizable role however is probably Deadpool, the potty-mouthed anti-hero that Ryan Reynolds played to perfection in English.

He is a theatre actor who has also done voice work for several commercials and radio spots.


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Mohan Kapoor was best known as the host of the television show – saap seedi. A professional make-up artist, Kapoor has featured in many projects such as Jolly LLB and Happy New Year.

He’s also done voice work for The Rock in Fast and Furious.

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