10 Cartoon Theme Songs That Indians Will Always Remember In Hindi

Hindi hamari rashtrabhasha hain.

Which is why it shows up just about everywhere. But there is no denying that it can make most moments sound more epic. Moments that otherwise just sound ‘meh’.

For example, saying “Quiet” is pretty boring. Saying “KHAMOSH!” – that’s pretty epic.

But every now and then Hindi may not be the best language to express our thoughts in. Like cartoon theme songs for example. Because if you’re my age – you didn’t even hear the English versions of these before you were 13.

Not that this was a bad thing – because when the world screams “One Loooooove “, we follow it up with – “Har Tan Kahe”.

#1 Dragon Ball Z

Cartoon Theme Songs

Regardless of your age, gender, nationality – even if you didn’t see the actual cartoon. You remember screaming along to this.

This brilliant cartoon made everyone feel more muscular. It made us feel like we could take on the world. But most importantly — that blonde spikes make you look badass.

UPDATE – they don’t.

#2 Beyblade

Cartoon Theme Songs

This was the discount cartoon a lot of us watched only because Pokemon was over, and there was nothing to watch after that.

But damn it if we didn’t get really excited every time our parents got tops that we couldn’t spin to save our life.

#3 Pokemon

Cartoon Theme Songs

The singular reason I sat around and ate one packet of Cheetos after another was so I could get Pokemon cards. My patronage singlehandedly kept those companies going just because I really really wanted a Psyduck.

But this one definitely had to be the most popular Anime that ended up in India. And even though the original producers were genuinely surprised at why the series worked so well here – they will never understand just how much India loves collecting stuff.

Even if it’s imaginary.

#4 Scooby Doo

Cartoon Theme Songs

While children were busy watching Pokemon and teens were obsessed with Beyblade – the more refined folk watched Scooby Doo. there was intrigue, there was mystery. Plus the show is relevant at every age.

As a bhukkad child you relate to Scooby. As a stoned-bhukkad adult, you relate to Shaggy.

#5 Bob The Builder

Cartoon Theme Songs



Best. Song. Ever.

#6 Dexter’s Laboratory

Cartoon Theme Songs

Dexter’s Lab has always bee a solid cartoon. Which every child who had a sibling strongly sympathised with. Because like the cartoon, we all had a DeeDee who insisted on crashing into our room and ruining everything.

Then again, considering the creepy shit we’ve done in our room – maybe DeeDee was the responsible one.

#7 Spongebob Squarepants

Cartoon Theme Songs

This cartoon is really trippy. Which makes you think Spongebob and all his friends were smoking the good stuff from Manali.

But nothing is trippier than this cartoon – in Hindi. Spongebob Squarepants is for a season, Spongebob ChakorChaddi is for life.

#8 Duck Tales

Cartoon Theme Songs

Wholesome. Fun. Entertaining.

There was nothing wrong with this show. It is pretty much perfect. Even the Hindi theme just makes it more epic.

#9 The Jungle Book

Cartoon Theme Songs

This was a anime that actually aired way back on Doordarshan. And despite it being one of many anime in Japan, it was aired in a lot of countries. In India though, it’s more remembered for the infamous “Chaddi Pehen Ke Phool Khila Hain” line.

#10 Shin Chan

Cartoon Theme Songs

Full disclosure – I have never seen Shin Chan. I have no clue what this show is about.

I saw an episode once where he really wanted to eat watermelons… but apart from that, I have no context.
But a lot of people seemed to like it. So here it is.

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