10 Brutally Honest Tinder Bios That’ll Have You Swipe Right With Laughter

So as I’ve said countless of times before, my stint on Tinder turned out to be pretty disappointing. A lot of people out there were just pretending to be someone they thought they had to be in order to get a right swipe. It got so annoying after a point I just gave up tindering.

The people on this list, however, are in contrast completely honest about themselves. It’s great that they just cut to the chase and were hilarious about it. See for yourselves!

1. Becky knows what she’s after

2. If you don’t get it, you don’t get Chloe

3. Marco’s got a great sense of humour to go with a tragic past

4. Savanah knows things

5. Nothing like a little friendly competition, eh?

6. Seems legit

7.  You don’t say!

8. I bet you are, Stephanie!

9. Layla is what they call the whole deal!

10. Heads up!

I don’t know if they got laid but they definitely deserve an applause for trying!

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