This Hilarious Spoof Song Makes Fun Of All The Actors Who Try Their Hand At Singing

A spoof should make some valid points. Like the fact that actors should just act. And singers should just sing. Whenever there’s a crossover, the results are less-than-flattering. Over the past couple of years, a lot of actors have tried their hand at singing. Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, and Parineeti Chopra are just a few of the names who have ‘sung’ recently.

And now, a Facebook page named ‘The Procrastinators’ have made a spoof song, which explains what happens when actors sing. It’s a spoof of Parineeti Chopra’s chartbuster, ‘Maana Ki Hum Yaar Nahi’. Amrit and Karthik are the two musicians who comprise of The Procrastinators.  From the use of auto tune, to the fact that they are untrained singers, the boys take on every aspect. They even take a sly dig at Justin Bieber, as it was rumored that Bieber had lip synced through most of his recent concert in Navi Mumbai.

This spoof will definitely make you laugh at various moments.

Check out the song here-

Mana Kiya Riyaaz Nahi

A tribute to Bollywood actors who are turning into singers and eating their market. Do share if you agree with us and tag your musician friends.Follow Amrit and Karthik at:Instagram/Twitter @iCriticRoshan and @ktkGod 🙂

Posted by The Procrastinators: Amrit-Karthik on 19 मई 2017

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