10 Of India’s Highest Paid CEOs, MDs and Chairmen That Make Our Salaries Look Rather Tiny

We all get salaries right? At some or the other point in the month.

And then we complain because it’s too little. After all, who’s going to pay for all those “just one drink” drinks you’ve been having? But that’s because we work for a blog. There are people way more qualified than us doing way more important work and above them all, there are CEOs and MDs and Chairmen.

Important people who presumably do very important things. These men and women run the companies that make things we use every day whether we’re actively aware of it or not.

So, naturally, they get paid for it. A lot.

But like all Salman Khan films, all CEOs aren’t equal which is why there will always be some ho make a ridiculous amount more than others might. Especially these 10, who are amongst the highest paid in India.

Please Note: These salaries are estimates of the amount made in financial years 2015-16 and 206-17. Including salary, bonuses and income from stock options. 












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