These 14 Highest Paying Jobs Don’t Require A Bachelor’s Degree

In India, we have the most conservative thoughts on choosing one’s career. If ‘Sharmaji ka ladka’ has scored well then he should take science or commerce. While they think arts as a career option should only be taken when the kid wants to teach, it’s time we move away from engineering, doctor or even CA.

We have been so stuck in choosing a career option that is commonly respected that we don’t bother about the unconventional ones. Rather than just completing a graduation just for the sake of doing it, you can opt for these instead.

Disclaimer: There are certain career options whose starting pay may not be as good. But as you advance in experience and in your skill set, there is no ceiling which one cannot reach.

1. Real Estate Agent.


Pay Varies. You need to complete 10 + 2. Need to make good contacts.

Property prices are never going down. This sector is one where you can never think about it shutting down. No matter what time, state, people will always want a house. The one important skill any estate agent would need to perfect is the skill of communication. The agent needs to master the art of conversing and making contacts.

Some of the basic requirements include the following

  • The individual should be at least 18 or 19 years of age.
  • Should complete the required pre-license education (the hours are depending on the norms of each stage)
  • Should pass the real estate license examination of the concerned state.

Try getting an associate job with the major real estate companies and try to understand how things go around. Build contacts. Have good relations with the constructors and other agents.

2. Photographer

You can enrol in photography courses after 10th. Start internship right after. Average pay starts from 1.5 Lakh to 2 LPA, increases with experience.

Currently, photography is much in demand. While everyone who has a decent camera thinks themselves as a photographer, there is a difference between a hobby and professional. Enrol yourself in a good certificate/diploma course which not only will teach you the skill of clicking the perfect pictures but also make you understand the setting of the environment.

This profession also requires you to travel a lot according to the needs of the clients, however, there is no need for a particular degree. Most of the companies will look at the skill of photographer than the number of courses one has taken.

There are various types of photography, including scientific and aerial photography, and photographers may work in a variety of settings, ranging from photographic studios to newspaper publishing companies. You can work as a freelancer/ independent photographer or be a full-time employee.

3. Carpenter

Enrol in a course right after 10th. This profession needs a lot of practice. Can earn as much as 50k-1 lakh per project. Pay increases with experience.

While carpentry as a career option is frowned upon and considered lowly, it is actually a good career option. Especially in India, there is a huge demand for carpenters. While there still people who want carpenters to create every furniture for them, there are others who go to interior designing companies.

Since then, the demand for carpenters among interior designing companies has increased considerably in India. In addition, carpenters can work for more than a single employer and they can earn well.

4. Personal Trainer


Do a certificate/diploma course after 10+2. Pay starts at 2.4L and goes to 14LPA

There are quite a few courses which allow you to understand training and fitness. Right now there is a huge demand for personal trainers as people are getting health conscious. We folks usually have no idea about nutrition and training and times like these, we need trainers who would let us know about the right food and exercise customised according to our needs. In this career option, the more experience, the more you earn.

5. Event Manager


You can do a diploma course after 10 + 2. If you have watched this movie, then I don’t need to tell you all the scope of earning. From earing mere Rs. 1/2 lakh per marriage to Rs. 1 crore.

To be an event manager you need a diploma from an institute through the course.Event managers are expected to have great communication skills and the ability to think on their feet as there are some end moments hiccups.

6. Modeling


No minimum qualification required. Pay Varies

You need to have a very good portfolio and some nice modeling agencies. With the right agencies, you can work with the top and major shows and designers. If you have watched Fashion, then you know that with the right connections, you can earn easily around Rs. 50k in a month. Modelling agencies usually look out for a model who is confident and has a right attitude, knows poses and expressions.

7. Makeup Artist


You can take up diploma course after 10+2. There are quite a few certificate courses as well. Pay starts at 50k per month.

There are many makeup companies who have their certificate courses. There are many diploma courses – national and international – which will improve your skills. Makeup is always evolving and the artist always needs to be updated. Try to build contacts and maintain good relationships with everyone you are in contact with. The makeup artists are usually employed by spas, cosmetic companies, salons and even Bollywood industry.

Try to build up your social media network and keep updating with the different type of looks that you do.

8. Graphic Designer 


No minimum education qualification required. Complete certificate/diploma courses on designing. Average pay starts from 3LPA. 

A graphic designer puts together art, text, and other visuals in just one image. Graphic designers influence how we view the world colours, illustrations, photos and fonts.

Graphic designers are required in so many industries like Advertisement, Print, Web designing and Media. It’s creativity that will make you excel in this field.

9. Writer

Need to complete 10+2. Need to have a strong foundation and have to be grammatically accurate. Average pay starts from 2.4 LPA.

Let me tell you this, it’s not necessary to be have a degree to write well. You need to have a strong base of the language and creativity. While you might think writing is just about books but it isn’t so. In the world of digital, the demand for bloggers, content writers, travel writers, technical writers has increased more than ever.

You can actually work as a freelance writer as well. The major tip we can give you is to start writing frequently on your blogs and be active on various social media. With time, your skill as a writer improves, so does your pay package.

10. Web Developer


You can do diploma course after 10+2. Try completing few certificate courses. Average pay starts from 3- 3.6LPA.

While many of us believe that a degree is required to be a web developer but it isn’t so. One thing that we realise after applying for jobs is that for a majority of companies, it doesn’t matter what marks you have scored or what degree you have, it’s just that you have to be really good for the role you are applying.

As soon as you are done with your 10+2, you can enroll yourselves to diploma courses for web developer and start an internship. You might get a head start in comparison to others who do it via graduation.

11. Stock Market Professionals


Do diploma course after 10+2. Start an apprentice after the course. Average pay starts from 4LPA.

While a degree isn’t compulsory, what is necessary is that you have a good grasp of your basics. There are quite a few courses provided by NSE and other companies/institutions. You need to have a detailed knowledge and interest of how the market works to be a successful professional.  Though the minimum age is 21 years.

12. Actor


No minimum education qualification. Pay Varies

You need to have good contacts and the right attitude. You can enroll yourselves in a film school or do a short diploma course in acting. The key is consistency. While the struggle is apparent, and the salary is low for the starters but when you become a star, there is no ceiling.

13. Ethical Hacker


Take up a diploma course after 10+2. Average pay is between 1.5-20+lakhs.

You need to get a certificate which certifies you as an ethical hacker (Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification) There are institutes offering courses on this which will issue you a certificate. The salary ranges from anywhere from 1.5 lakhs to 20+lakhs.

14. YouTuber


No minimum education qualification. Pay Varies though you can earn through AdSense, Sponsored Videos and Affiliate Marketing.

You can do whatever you like. Talk, sing, dance, make a joke, doodle, just about anything and if you are good at it, you can earn really well. Even cringe pop artist like Dhinchak Pooja would earn in lakhs because of the virality of the song. Even our parents have now started watching on YouTube. So you can do whatever you like as long you are good at it and earn.

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