You Probably Didn’t Know These Hidden Meanings Behind The Posters Of Padmavati

Since the time the shooting of Padmavati had started, it has been the talk of the town. From the time, the production had started shooting till the time the posters were released, the movie and the actors have been in the news. Okay, so here’s the thing. It has been noticed that filmmakers and the design team usually tell a lot about the movie via the official movie poster. Yes, most of the time they are subtly put. These hidden symbols usually tell a story about the character or the movie.

So, while I was marvelling about how gorgeous Deepika looks in her Rani Padmini avatar, I couldn’t help but see little subtle symbols in the poster.

1. The Young Padmini

 Padmavati 2 (1)Source

The first picture isn’t from the official movie poster but is one of the leaked photos of Rani Padmini. The first thing that I noticed was her hair. While many people were making fun of the hairstyle, I love how they have stayed quite authentic. This was the way usually the young princess made their hair.

The yellow dress of Rani Padmini, in her blouse, we can see that there are two birds together. The birds signify the young love between the king and the queen. The Queen and the princess were known to play with them and this embroidery symbolises the courtship period. The birds are seeing playing and that means that they are interested in each other.

2. Rani Padmavati

Padmvati 1

Deepika looks every bit royal in this poster. She is seen wearing the bridal saree and in the backdrop, we can see the temple. The Trishuls in the background obviously the symbol of Shivji. He is also known as The Destroyer (God of death) We can probably assume that this was a foreshadowing of the major crucial decision that changed the fate of Chittor. 

Queen Padmini in her red bridal saree has a white fold if you observe closely. In the white fold, we can see the imprints of a pair of hands. This signifies the newlywed bride/wife. In one of the rituals, post-wedding, the newlywed bride is supposed to imprint her handprint outside her new house. 

3. Rani Padmavati For Jauhar

Padmavati 3

The third image in which we can see Rani Padmini folding her palms, if you look closely, then you can see a Tree on her blouse. The tree basically symbolises life. In the Norse tradition, the Tree of Life led to nine different worlds including the land of Fire, the world of the dead (Hel) and the land of the Aesir (Asgard).

Also, this is the scene of Jauhar. In the history, it is said, that Queen Padmini along with others jumped into the pyre to sacrifice their lives over a life of humiliation and ill-treatment at the hands of the Sultan. 

4. The Unibrow



While twitterati made fun of the unibrow sported by Deepika Padukone, the makers have actually maintained the authencity of the character.

5. Padmavati Poster


The ‘I’ in the Padmavati denotes the leaves of Lotus. It is believed that Rajputs were born out of the fire and are direct descendants of Lord Brahma. If you notice in Hindu Mythology, the three Gods symbolise birth, life and death. Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, sits on the lotus.

6.  Raja Ratan Singh

ratan singh

In the background of Ratan Singh, we can see the Chittorgarh Palace. The whole movie is based on the Queen Padmavati and the war that led to Sultan’s victory. In the first image, we can see the bloodshed behind the King’s image. Also, in the second image, we can see the war that’s leading to the destruction of the palace. A great foreshadowing design, I must say!

ratan singh2

7. Alaudinn Khilji

khilji 1

Like I have mentioned above, Lotus symbolises Lord Brahma. Rajputs believe that they are the direct descendants of Lord Brahma. In the first poster, we can see the menacing look of the sultan who is in the pond with lotus. This basically translates that Sultan will only find peace/tranquillity (the water) when he gets the lotus (Queen Padmini). It also means that he is ready to fight the ugly battle (in the background) to get what he wants!

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