Australia Based Writer Claims He Worked On Hichki’s Script In 2015 But Wasn’t Given Credit

Rani Mukherjee’s trailer for Hichki dropped recently, with fans around the country clamouring to see the actress back in action.



Hichki deals with a teacher who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome and her class of students from a challenging background being integrated into an exclusive school. However, news regarding whose idea the film originally was has surfaced and Australia based author Nishant Kaushik has taken to Twitter to express his concerns.

According to Kaushik, the film resembles a script he had worked on back in 2015 at the request of designer Siddharth P Malhotra, Hichki’s director.

He narrates his side of the story over this Twitter thread. How the project was developed over the period of one month, but then dropped when he received no response from Malhotra.

It is also important ot note that Kaushik hs presented proof via screenshots of emails he and Malhotra exchanged. The screenshots narrate the story of a man Sanchit who suffers from Tourette’s and the one scene the email details is that of him telling his wife he has quit his current job.

It is made clear that he is a teacher and that his students have a tendency to bully him for his speech defects.

We must note that Kaushik is extremely clear that Hichki is no his story, but that he deserved an acknowledgement for his effort and contribution.

However, Malhotra is not one to take these allegations lying down, which is why he made a statement denying the claims saying –“I had acquired the rights to make ‘Front of the Class‘ as a Hindi motion picture in 2013. Nishant Kaushik‘s claims are baseless. He was contacted through Exceed Entertainment and I haven’t even met him once. We were looking for writers who could come up with a take on the ‘Front of the Class‘. We had approached several writers including Nishant.”

The director admits that many writers were approached to develop the project including Amol Gupte and Kaushik as well.


Source, Siddharth P Malhotra

Now, whether or not the movie is based on Kaushik’s initial draft or not, he is asking for an acknowledgement which might be fair. Especially in a post-Simran climate where lesser-known writers claim to be left behind in favour of bigger names.

On the other hand, this isn’t the kind of film that has never been explored before. With mainstream Hollywood movies like Dangerous Minds and I Am Sam. A teacher in a difficult classroom and the day to day dignity of those with neurological disorders isn’t new in entertainment.

So maybe the middle ground is the best option here. What the middle ground is exactly though, remains to be seen.

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