Here’s How The Super Blue Blood Moon Appeared Around The Earth After 152 Years

The much awaited “Supermoon” became visible on Wednesday a little later than expected, but when it did at around 7:10 pm, the enthusiastic stargazers in New Delhi relished the rare spectacle with a sense of awe.

A blue moon (a second full moon in a calendar month), a supermoon (when the moon is unusually close to Earth, making it bigger and brighter) and a blood moon (a moment during an eclipse when the moon appears red) will all coincide for the first time since 1866.

blue moon
From Nasa

The “Super Blue Blood Moon”, is a rare celestial triple treat. The sighting of a “Blue Moon” and a total lunar eclipse occurred in India for the first time after 1982.

SPACE India, a start-up focused on astronomy education and Astro-tourism services, organized events to observe the phenomenon at various locations across India.


At India Gate, SPACE India used the Dobsonian telescope which gave a very clear and crisp view of the super moon.

The instrument allowed skywatchers to view the Moon 20 times bigger than it appears to the naked eye.


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